AFM Probes

Introducing our next generation of probes, KNT-SThM-2an

The KNT (Kelvin Nanotechnology) scanning thermal microscopy probe is a batch fabricated AFM probe for best in class simultaneous topography and temperature/thermal conductivity mapping. The probe offers excellent flexibility and with a low spring constant Si3N4 cantilever for easy scanning and high resolution.

Sub 100 nm topographic and thermal spatial resolution is readily achieved, with a temperature resolution of 0.1 K.

KNT have been fabricating scanning thermal microscopy probes used by industry and academia for over fifteen years. We are pleased to introduce our next generation of probes (KNT-SThM-2an); delivering improved mechanical stability and operation over an extended temperature range.

We have also worked with users and tool manufacturers and revised the chip dimensions to align with standard AFM probe format for easier instrument integration.


Probe Specification

Probe base 1.5 mm × 3.3 mm x 0.4 mm
Cantilever (Silicon Nitride) 150 µm × 120 µm × 0.4 µm
Resistor (Palladium) 5 nm NiCr + 40 nm Pd
Track and pad metal 5 nm NiCr + 145 nm Au
Resistance 275 – 425Ω (Typ 325Ω)
Tip radius < 100 nm
Tip height ~ 10 µm
Current max 2.5 mA DC (recommended)
Spring constant 0.40 N/m
Maximum Temperature 200 C
Sensitivity App. 1Ω / deg C
Series resistors (optional) 2 × 100 Ω (± 25 Ω)


Purchasing Probes

The probe is currently available from equipment manufacturers and distributors.

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