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KNT (Kelvin Nanotechnology) has been in business for over 20 years. Now an internationally recognised provider of advanced photonics and quantum components, we have built up an extensive global blue-chip customer base and provided services for 170 companies in 23 countries in three years.

We are an established comprehensive photonic fabrication service provider for diverse market sectors and a qualified supply chain partner for multiple global product lines.

As one of the first suppliers of miniaturised quantum components in the market, we produce 3D ion traps, grating MOTs, MEMS gravimeters and specialist DFB lasers for international partners and customers. We are driving forward innovation in fabrication of quantum components to support quantum systems for information processing and computing, chip scale cold atom systems, sensors and high precision timing and navigation.

We provide early prototype and proof of concept support to research and industrial organisations. We’re process driven, and have a customer focused culture that successfully transforms ideas into reality.

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We provide services in three main areas:

Within each service, our multi-disciplinary team can help you to define your requirements and identify the technology and processes that meet the needs of your application. We will provide the necessary level of project management to ensure that the project is delivered successfully.

Our expertise in product and process development with nanofabrication spans over two decades.

How can we help you to bring your project together?

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