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KNT is now offering commercial cryogenic measurement services on superconducting quantum circuits down to 10 mK. Our cryogenic measurement service is delivered using an Oxford Instruments Proteox dilution refrigerator with microwave measurement electronics. This continuous closed cycle measurement system down to millikelvin temperatures is crucial for characterising superconducting circuits such as resonators or qubits. 

Our measurement service provides spectroscopic and time-resolved characterisations of quantum devices. Example measurements are:


Superconducting resonators are crucial components for e.g. single photon detectors, material studies and optimisation for quantum circuits, and to read-out the quantum states of superconducting qubits.

Characterisation of Resonators fabricated at James Watt Nanofabrication Centre Professor Martin Weides’ Quantum Circuit Group at the University of Glasgow.

Amplitude Spectrum
Glasgow_Resonator_Phase spectrum
Phase Spectrum

Superconducting Qubit Devices

Characterisation of Qubit devices supplied and verified by National Physics Laboratory (NPL) Devices were fabricated at SuperFab, Royal Holloway University of London

Spectroscopic excitation of the qubit from the ground into higher states
NPL_T1 (Coherence time)
T1 = 69.95 ±1.6 µs Qubit’s coherence (T1) measurement.
NPL_T2 (Spin Echo)
T2SE = 23.73 ±1.549 µs Spin-echo (T2) measurement.

Characterization of Qubit devices from SEEQC

Devices were fabricated at SuperFab, Royal Holloway University of London 

Qubit Resonator Decoupling
Histogram of Qubit coherence (T1) with 200 measurements


Superconducting quantum circuits are one of the leading platforms towards implementation of large-scale quantum computers, capable of exponentially fast computation to solve real-world problems.

Superconducting circuits conduct current without resistance when cooled below critical temperatures. A Quantum bit Qubit is a two-level quantum system which can occupy states 0, 1 and superposition of both states. Qubits made of superconducting circuits are stable with a long coherence time. Measurements of coherence times provide the quality of circuits.

KNT has launched cryogenic measurement services to help researchers and industry advance the progress of quantum circuits.

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