Dr Gordon Mills

Appointed COO and a member of the Board at KNT (Kelvin Nanotechnology) in 2011, Gordon designs and implements the business operations of KNT ensuring efficiency and effective management of the manufacturing and distribution of goods and services to customers.

Gordon achieved an MEng and PhD from Glasgow University in Electronics and Electrical Engineering, which involved periods of employment with Leica Microsystems GmbH in Heidelberg and Motorola Corp. in Phoenix, AZ. Subsequently Gordon succeeded in commercialising a new kind of thermal microscope probe, developed during his PhD, before joining KNT in 2000. During this initial period at KNT he managed a wide range of commercial R&D projects in the field of micro and nanotechnology focussed on semiconductor device prototyping.

In recent years Gordon has managed the growth of KNT in terms of both R&D programs and manufacturing, as it has more than doubled turnover and headcount. Particular pride is taken in the assembly of a great team of engineers, technicians and administrators who drive the success of KNT forward, and the development of a culture of technical excellence and continuous improvement.