High-Q Si3N4 ring resonators for locking 780nm GaAs-based distributed feedback laser


High-Q microring resonators have applications in gyroscopes, frequency comb generation, and feedback systems to control narrow linewidth integrated lasers [1-3]. This paper demonstrates the highest Q values measured for microring resonators at 780 nm wavelength. These sub mm integrated cavities can be used to provide an error signal for locking a distributed feedback laser (DFB), Fig. 1(a), using the Pound-Drever-Hall (PDH) method. High stability DFBs can also be achieved using a micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) cell containing 87Rb vapour and taking advantage of the absorption line at 780.24 nm. This provides an absolute reference for locking the laser but only to the 87Rb transition wavelengths. The microring resonator can be tailor made for any wavelength but is susceptible to thermal effects; this could in part be overcome using a top cladding with a thermo-optic coefficient that counteracts that of the waveguide core.

M. Sinclair, K. Gallacher, R. W. Millar, J. C. Bayley, O. Sharp, F. Mirando, G. Ternent, G. Mills, B. Casey, S. Hild, and D.J. Paul

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