InGaN distributed feedback laser with sidewall gratings emitting at 42X nm

We demonstrate a single wavelength operation from an InGaN/GaN distributed feedback (DFB) blue laser at 42X nm. The 39 th order grating is etched in the sidewall to achieve single wavelength. The laser has a FWHM of ~ 25 pm at 500mA pulsed current with 15 mW output power.

A. Yadav, T. J. Slight, S. Watson, S. Grzanka, S. Stanczyk, N. B. Chichkov, K. E. Docherty, P. Perlin, S. Najda, M. Leszczyński, A. E. Kelly, E. Rafailov.

Published in: 2018 International Conference Laser Optics (ICLO). DOI: 10.1109/LO.2018.8435673

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