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Integration of RF Circuits with High Speed GaN Switching on Silicon Substrates

​Future generation (5G) mobile phones and other portable devices will need to transfer data at a much higher rate than at present in order to accommodate an increase in the number of users, the employment of multi-band and multi-channel operation, the projected dramatic increase in wireless information exchange such as with high definition video and the large increase in connectivity where many devices will be connected to other devices (called “The Internet of Things”). This places big challenges on the performance of base stations in terms of fidelity of the signal and improved energy efficiency since energy usage could increase in line with the amount of data transfer. To meet the predicted massive increase in capacity there will be a reduced reliance on large coverage base-stations, with small-cell base-stations (operating at lower power levels) becoming much more common. In addition to the challenges mentioned above, small cells will demand a larger number of low cost systems.

To meet these challenges this proposal aims to use electronic devices made from gallium nitride (GaN) which has the desirable property of being able to operate at very high frequencies (for high data transfer rates) and in a very efficient manner to reduce the projected energy usage. To maintain the high frequency capability of these devices, circuits will be integrated into a single circuit to reduce the slowing effects of stray inductances and capacitances. Additionally these integrated circuits will be manufactured on large area silicon substrates which will reduce the system unit cost significantly.

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