les etoiles de leurope

KNT part of award winning project

We are very pleased to announce that the project, Quantiheat, which KNT (Kelvin Nanotechnology) are one of twenty-one partners in, has been awarded the Étoiles de l’Europe (Stars of Europe) earlier this month. This award was presented to three CNRS members including Sévérine Gomès for her work coordinating the measurement of thermophysical values at the nanoscale, a project which KNT were actively involved in. KNT collaborated in the design and fabrication of new novel probes and calibration standards for scanning thermal measurements at nanoscale within the Horizon 2020 European Commission’s Framework7 project. We contributed both technically and commercially as the key commercial exploitation partner in the Quantiheat framework which has led to some of the project results being commercialised within one year of completion.

More information Quantiheat: Horizon 2020 https://lnkd.in/gRc-3mx

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