InGaN/GaN Laser Diodes With High Order Notched Gratings

We report on InGaN/GaN distributed feedback laser diodes with high order gratings emitting at a single wavelength around 428 nm. The 39th order notched gratings have the advantage of a simplified fabrication route with no need for overgrowth. The laser ridge and grating were formed by electron beam lithography followed by ICP etching. The as-cleaved lasers emitted in the pulsed regime with a peak single-mode output power of 15 mW. Optimization of the grating design should lead to higher power single wavelength operation.

Thomas J. Slight; Amit Yadav; Opeoluwa Odedina; Wyn Meredith; Kevin E. Docherty; Edik Rafailov and Anthony E. Kelly. InGaN/GaN Laser Diodes With High Order Notched Gratings. IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 29(23), 2020-2022.

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